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Newest Releases

Travelers Lost & Found - Selections from Octopath Traveler

This is the latest EP release from Do a Barrel Roll! This two track album features Steven Higbee (Victor's Hollow) and John Stacy (Dark Caverns). 

Super Smash Band: Heroes

This is the latest album release from Do a Barrel Roll! A groove-based VGM band covering deep cuts and mashing them up with popular songs from outside the VGM world.

Scottie Miller's Carnival Cocoon

This is the latest release from Scottie Miller! Check out this album to hear some of Cierra's string arrangements. Cierra also recorded violin and cello for the album. 

Other Recordings

The Brains of This Operation? - Music for Canines

Released in 2013, this album features Tom Brooks on guitar, Cierra Hill on violin, Dylan Jack on drums, and Ryan Janssen on bass guitar.

Each member brought their own songs to the table and we spent that week learning and recording them simultaneously. The album generally captures original live takes with a few overdubs added in within the following weeks.

All songs were recorded in 2012 at McNally Smith College of Music and were engineered, produced, & mixed by Chopper Black. Mastering by Greg Reierson.

Boss Rush (2014)

This album release from Do a Barrel Roll! features medleys from popular video game franchises, including The Legend of Zelda, Star Fox 64, Final Fantasy and more. 

Acoustic Videosongs (2015)

Do a Barrel Roll! acoustic tracks from 2015! These tracks were recorded in different locations around the cities and were all live takes in one room. 

Bandit (2014)

This surf/jazz collaborative writing album features Cierra Hill (violin), Dani Barstad (drums) and Zack Warpinski (bass and baritone guitar). All tracks recorded in one room with a couple mics! 

Other recordings featuring arrangements and recordings by Cierra!

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